About Rebel Women

The Rebel Women Embroidery Project is an ongoing effort to highlight and showcase remarkable women throughout history by:

  • sharing their stories
  • embroidering a portrait in tribute to each woman
  • inspiring and encouraging others to pay tribute in their own ways.

The project currently draws from a chronological list composed by myself, found here.

The criteria

She must:

  • be a self-identified woman
  • be a real woman who lived – not fictional or mythical.

She may have either:

  • made a notable contribution to society
  • worked in some way towards full equality for women, socially or politically, or
  • personally achieved something out of the ordinary for a woman of her time, making her a positive role model.

5 thoughts on “About Rebel Women

  1. I am so happy too come across your blog through your Musa post. I am looking forward to newer posts and reading through what you have up. I love reading History materials and it seems you have women in history niche tuck in nicely.

    Liked by 1 person

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