Amanishakheto – reigned 10 BCE – 1 CE – Meroe, Kingdom of Kush

Kingdom of Kush


Like her predecessors, Amanirenas and Shanakdakhete, Amanishakheto was a Kandake (or Candace) of the Kingdom of Kush, Nubia (modern Sudan).

Thought to be a direct successor of Amanirenas, the queen who won peace with Rome, Amanishakheto had the same title of Qore and Kandake (King/ruler and Queen). She was a prolific builder, and had a very prosperous reign.

There is a portrait of this queen in the Amun Temple in Kawa and a palace in Wad ban Naqa, showing her taking enemy prisoners, however she is best known for the treasure found in her pyramid complex. Amanishakheto was buried with a vast amount of great jewelry, befitting a great queen.

More: This post on the Kandakes of Kush was written for Black History Month 2015


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Image credits:

Relief Amanishakheto Munich” by Khruner – Own work.

Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons

Aegyptisches Museum Berlin InvNr22877 20080313 Schulterkragen Amanishakheto” by Sven-Steffen Arndt – Own work.

Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons

Amanishakheto pyrmaid Wad Naqa” by Unknown –

Licensed under Public Domain via Commons




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