Eirene – 1st Century BCE – Greece

Ancient Greece


Eirene (sometimes Irene) was an artist who lived in Greece during the 1st century BCE. Like Timarete and Anaxandra before her, Eirene was the daughter of an artist, and became a pupil to her father, Cratinus.

Though none of her work survives, Eirene was famous for a painting of a girl which was on display in Eleusis. Pliny writes that she also painted an image of the mythological nymph Calypso, who kept the hero Odysseus on her island for years.

In addition to these works, Eirene apparently also painted portraits of celebrities of the day – a portrait of the gladiator (in some translations ‘juggler’) Theodorus, and another of a dancer called Alcisthenes are credited to her.


Naturalis historia, XXXV.40.140, 147. – Pliny the Elder

Famous Women – Giovanni Boccaccio, Virginia Brown

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