Cratesipolis – fl.314 BCE – Achaea, Greece

Ancient Greece


Cratesipolis lived at a time of huge upheaval, when Empires could be built or destroyed by conquerors and tyrants. She knew this better than most, as she had married Alexander, a Macedonian military general.

When her husband was murdered at Sicyon, Cratesipolis was put in a difficult situation. Suddenly Alexander’s troops were without a leader, and the Sicyonians who has killed him now had their sights on her – hoping for an easy victory against a grieving woman.

Of course, Cratesipolis (whose name means conqueror of the city) wasn’t having any of it. She had accompanied her husband on many campaigns and had gained the respect of his men – apparently due to her kindness.

Unfortunately for the Sicyonians, she did not have kindness in mind this time. She led Alexander’s troops to victory against Sicyon, captured thirty of their leaders and had them crucified as an example.


Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities – William Smith

The Political Activities and the name of Cratesipolis – GH Macurdy

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